Monday, June 27, 2016

Amazon Sisters

I've always been a sucker for family stuff whether the family in question is blood or not. With Amazons this bond is pretty sacred especially between certain Amazons.While the Finch run has it's problems I did like this exchange:

Sisters are equal, they look after each other and when needed keep the other in line. Donna Troy was especially close to Diana (not sure where the current story is going with that) and basically was her sister in all respects. Diana reaches out to others whether they are Amazons or not to offer sisterhood. I liked the bond with Artemis always calling her little sister (*1) then I got to Simone having Diana say she doesn't even know if Artemis is her friend. What? Being a sister is supposed to mean something, it says you have faith in the other person and Diana apparently doesn't even trust that their close?

*1 This amused me because I'm not sure if the "little" had to do with Diana being younger--which I assumed she wasn't--Artemis being taller or her just teasing Diana.

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