Monday, June 6, 2016

Things I've heard about Rebirth

Or to be more specifically what I've heard about the titles that have been released so far. I haven't read many spoilers so this is just the bare bones tidbits I've heard.


Green Arrow: Dinah and Ollie meet and say he's into social justice. The issue apparently sold impressive numbers. Oh and he has his goatee back.

Batman: Duke is staying at the manor. Damian seems to relapsed into hating Jason/Tim in Robin War but he suddenly is cool with Duke? I don't know if Duke is officially adopted but he's not a Robin.

Green Lantern: Hal fiddled with a Manhunter to test the duo. Simon hopes Guy dying is why Jessica is around. Hal decides it's a brilliant move to hinder Simon and Jessica by forcing them to share a battery. I'm sure this won't backfire.

Superman: Pre-Flashpoint Clark thinks new 52 Clark is coming back to life and tells Lana this for some reason. Most ratings I see for this issue are either bad or rate it as just okay.

I haven't been searching for information but I still expected to come across more people taking about these issues.


  1. Who the heck is Duke? This isn't another pet of Damian's is it?

    Why does every idiot around want Guy to die? Hal is FAR more dangerous... and stupid!

  2. Duke Thomas is a character Bruce came across in Year Zero and has showed up in Snyders' work a bit. During Endgame Joker tried to recreate the Waynes death scenario with Duke and his parents. Batman saved Duke but his parents got messed up by the gas.

    Duke also starred in We Are Robin as the lead-ish character. Snyder will be using the character by having him live with Bruce but at as a non-Robin superhero.

    I think Johns just thinks this is a funny running gag but it just makes the ones saying it look like asses. I never get how Hal doesn't get more hate in universe yet Guy does.

  3. Oh. I think I vaguely remember him now. Oops.
    I can't understand the hate for Guy either. Granted, he was a bit of a jerk back in his brain damaged days (which Hal was responsible for to a degree) but he's a heck of a lot smarter than Hal... and sadly, Kyle. He does have a weird sense of humor though.

  4. While he was a bigger jerk in the brain damaged days some people did go too far. Like Ted playing a prank on his date with Tora. Guy is one of the smarter GLs. I once heard it said that without John and him Hal and Kyle would be lost. True.