Saturday, June 18, 2016

Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #6

I got this in the mail, I forgot about it in the rush of the Rebirth. Anyway this is the last issue of the mini series.


Guy makes a message in case the Corps doesn't make it and tells the story of their fight. After the baddies showed their true colors the GLs regroup. No one has found a way out so they decide to make sure the bad guys go with them. GLs die and Simon follows their rings as they search for a replacement which go to the tear Arisia and BD'G went through. Since they don't have much choice Simon goes through to test it out. As he goes Simon makes Guy promise to bring the last survivors with him. They move the last city onto Mogo not certain if Simon even made it. Marniel tells them to leave and her planet will make sure the world enders go with it.

More members die fighting as they enact the plan. They escape with no idea if their make it.

Overall: I really enjoyed this issue although I have to wonder what went on in the planning stage. Many plots from GLLA were dropped and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they ever explained how they got here in the first place. Was this supposed to be an ongoing series then DC decided to do two minis before folding these GLs into another series? I would have at least liked for some consistency with what side Guy was on in the "do we try to save anyone" debate. He switched sides in this series and had some compelling reasons why they shouldn't. Yet Simon and previously Kilowog act like he's a racist or something. I mean that's what this sounds like it's implying:

Simon Baz: It is so damn easy to distrust what you don't know. Easier still too close your eyes to what makes us all the same. If we're not like you, if we are less in your eyes then our suffering is less.

If Guy was supposed to be it doesn't make sense and I never got that as a reason for him being reluctant. Didn't he also try to save the city not too long ago? The random jerkiness towards Guy in general didn't make much sense either. John had a leading role in GLLA and while it's cool that they focused on Guy in this series it feels odd that John is hardly in this. Especially when a planet decides to save them and the nod to his old series.

The detail about Hannar being the youngest member and how the deaths of the GLs offers them a chance at survival. I thought that was touching and brilliant. In fact Guy choosing to talk about his fellow Corps members sacrifices show how deeply he cares about them. The little quirks he adds like telling one he smelled like a cabbage and John fibbing about what a cabbage is--the reaction to that--was great. A little character moment for Guy, John and a member we never knew.

I loved this issue and even the ominous note it leaves on was perfect.

Say What?: Mosaic?! That was such a geeky moment, I loved it!


  1. It was a decent way to go out, and I have enjoyed this series... but yes, they dropped a whole bunch of plot points, and just jumbled it all together in a rush to finish and start over. There never was a reason for Guy and Kilowog to be fighting. I do frequently wonder if writers ever actually READ any back issues, because Guy after a rocky beginning had finally become pretty well respected amongst the Corps... certainly more so than Hal.

  2. I don't think they could come up with a satisfactory way to end this story AND all the plots. They had the light wielders, Relic, Krona, a potential fight brewing between John/Guy, how they got there and Guys' two rings. At the same time I don't know why they created more plots like the Blackest Knights.

    Having a city survive is interesting though.

    No idea what was with the fighting. A disagreement sure but not on that level when it feels very forced.