Thursday, June 23, 2016

Predictions for Books

How I think I'll feel about the titles on my pulls list.

Superwoman: Out of all my books this is the one I'm least sure of. I don't know what to expect because I can't recall reading anything Jimenez has written before. At worst I guess I'll be bored or this will turn out like Worlds Finest. I expected WF to be great and I was disappointed. I like Lois and while she's awesome without powers I figure I should give this a shot. It may surprise me.

Blue Beetle: Giffin can be hit or miss for me depending on how he approaches a title. His collaborations with DeMatteis haven't been to my taste after JLI but on their own their different. If nothing else I expect I'll love the relationship between Ted and Jaime. Whether the scarab is magical or alien tech...I'll wait to see. I did love the alien tech story but I'm not sure what Giffin will do. Will Teds' past as Blue Beetle come up? Will Booster appear? Dunno. I'll just go with the flow as I feel I have a bigger chance of enjoying this than Superwoman.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: I know I'll like this I'm just going to miss the more upbeat feeling of the previous titles Jason was in. I want him to strive for something more positive. I expect I'll grow to love Bizarro who I usually avoid because of his speech. I'm really looking forward to Artemis who's been criminally underused in the past. I'm hoping that Jason won't get dragged into any bat family tie ins now since I haven't been enjoying the way other writers treat the character. (Like BaRE having him trying to get Tim to drink. Seriously Jason grew up around substance abuse and was buds with a recovering alcoholic! WTF!) As always I'm looking forward to the character development and the relationships.

Super Sons: The concept sounds fun. I like Jon and when written right I like Damian. I've always like the idea of any bonding between Wonder/Bat/Super characters. 


  1. I am a bit nervous about Blue Beetle as well when Geffen is ON, he's hilarious... but sometimes, it can also be a bit forced.

  2. Yeah, the last time I recall reading his work was Booster Gold vol. 2 when he filled in for an issue. Making Rip suddenly act jerky towards Booster for no real reason. Even in the context of the story it was extremely forced.