Thursday, June 9, 2016

Things I heard about the Rebirth Week 2

From a few people in passing.


Aquaman: Villain trying to take everything away from the lead as Aquaman tries to figure out his place in life.

Flash: Barry confused over his life now that Wally (red head version) has returned. Are all his relationships ruined because of this time screw up?

Detective Comics: People praise this though Stephanie can now hack Tim (WTF), Clayface is suddenly a good guy, Cass is...there and Kate is a boot camp leader. Even though she royally screwed this up with Bette Kane, her own cousin.

Superman: Old Clark doesn't trust Luthor and takes over as Superman since the other one is gone.

Wonder Woman: Diana finds out her life is a lie and wants to find out the truth.

I've heard slightly more about Dectetive but honestly it sounds like many are being too forgiving since all their favorites are together on a team.


  1. I read Aquaman and Detective and... yeah. Aquaman was too cautious. Tec' was... like how I felt about BR Eternal. I didn't like how the female characters were written in Eternal and I have the feeling it's gonna be the same here. I'm not sure how I feel about Wonder Woman rebirth yet.

  2. I figured I wouldn't like Detective. I'm not a fan of what I've read or heard about from the Eternal books. I didn't like Tynion on RHATO either. I'm considering getting Wonder Woman