Thursday, June 23, 2016

The romantic interest

I've recently heard about two characters getting together with very little build up and it made me think of something I noticed in comics for awhile.

The example I was given seems to be an extreme case but not many characters seem to have much of a relationship before they get together lately. I'm drawing a blank on the last time I read a somewhat lengthy "will they/won't they" plot in comics. Some recent couples don't have any chemistry or common interests.

A few happened off panel, a couple have previous history together before getting together, both of which are better than the "suddenly together" example but it'd be nice to see more development. Debating why they should be together for a while especially with superhero comics. I've gotten invested in a few relationships with good chemistry which are all done with now. It's hard to get invested in many of the current couples because many are rushed and some don't work. The ones that at  being built up don't get much panel time.

I remember Jurgens tried to build Booster a relationship with Godiva, it was nice but that got dumped with the JLI. Booster had a potential romance in his first series that likewise never had a chance to develop into an actual couple. Most of his dating life has been brief and off panel. Since he's supposed to get married and have a son it's especially weird. We probably won't learn who his wife is until sometime after it gets a chance to actually exist on paper.

There's a lot of superheroes dating superheroes probably because it's harder to sell a hero with a civilian. We can see what makes a hero and anti-hero great but it seems to be a harder sell for the audience to get into a romance with a normal person. If their not saving the city there are other reasons to showcase why their great. Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson come to mind. They make the heroes more human and are kickass women in their own right.

Most of the well-known romantic interests in the bat family are in the biz. Which seems odd, I mean their all normal people in the lack of power sense but most of them date others like them? I think it would be fun to have a civilian date one them long-term. To make one of them more human. I can't see it being Bruce because these plots never last long with him. He seems to prefer Selina or Talia because he likes how different they are to women he knows. But can you imagine the awkward family dinner with the regular woman eating with Bruce and his sons? It would be awkward enough for the family to eat together but she would feel even more out of place. It'd be interesting and could be hilarious.


  1. Man, I had forgotten all about Godiva! But yeah, Booster never really did have much of a love interest going. Neither did Ted for that matter.

    Bruce just never seems to have TIME for romance it seems.

  2. Just when they were agreeing to go out the JLI annual happened--acted like none of the series happened--then we never heard about it again. I think Booster only had a handful of kisses in his entire comic history. We hear about Booster dating, see him hanging out with them a couple of times and not much else. Most of Teds' dating happened in his solo series and that's still way more than we've seen from Booster.

    Yet Bruce has had so many girlfriends. Maybe he uses the time sphere.