Friday, June 17, 2016

Which title should I try out?

I've been thinking about getting a series to have something to read in between my gap without an ongoing title. I have three choices.

Action Comics

Pros: I like a lot of Dan Jurgens work. If this is anything like Lois and Clark I'll love it. I really enjoy the family dynamic which is missing from a lot of books. Right now this is at the top of my list.

Cons: Its bi-weekly which is nice for filling in the weeks of no comics between readings but it adds up.

Wonder Woman

Pros: Rucka is back, he's done some good work on Wonder Woman before. The WW story is getting changed and we'll likely get to see more Amazon lore.

Cons: Another bi-weekly. I also didn't love everything Rucka wrote like making Max Lord a sexist (undead) ass.


Pros: Wally returns tying this into DUR #1. Not bi-weekly.

Cons: I'm on the fence on Booths' art. I enjoy most of his design work and he has a good eye for poses it's just the faces. Something about then doesn't click for me.


  1. So far Action Comics feels like retreading a lot of stuff from the 90's, especially with Doomsday showing up decked in his containment suit and all. Superman is also a bit of a dick here, lashing out at Lex based on his experiences with "his" Lex.

    How good WW is inversely proportional to how much you liked Azzarello's additions to her lore since Rucka is not being subtle about disliking them and retconning them out. Since I enjoyed a lot Azzarello's run, Rucka has managed to kill my interest in the title in just one issue but as I said, people that loved previous runs of WW (and didn't liked Azzarello's run) think is the best thing ever.

    Titans is pretty by the numbers so far and most of it's appeal hinges on how much attachment you have for the characters. Mainly Wally since is clear he will be running the show.

  2. I don't mind 90s Superman or him being a jerk in some cases. I was always amused by the Superman/Booster Gold rivially for example.

    I liked Azzarello' s run as a different take on WW but I'm fine with certain things being gone. I didn't like the Amazons using and killing off the men.

    That's what my impression of Titans was.