Monday, July 23, 2018

DC Solicts for October 2018

Did--did DC just spoil one of their books before it was even released?

This is also the month for the foil covers which I'm currently undecided about.

Blank Comics: This feels like a rip off. I like the concept but $2.99 for blank 16 pages? Really? Why does it costs that much?

Nightwing: Barbara has had constant dating drama for years now. Dick is going to have a love triangle toyed with. Does anyone want these things? I'd almost say just have the three of these characters (whoever the third is) hook up just to put an end to it but the Dick/Babs factors still bothers me. Beyond that I don't really care who they date (with the exception of Kori because she deserves better than this yo-yo treatment.)

Green Arrow/Heroes in Crisis: The rumors and clues were already becoming painfully obvious but this pretty much confirms Roy is dying. Unless Ollie does something to get a different Titan killed I don't know why they'd visit him to possibly blame him.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #27: If Jason is going to deal with Roy's death it's vague. No clue what big change happens in the previous issue but I'm guessing this message has to do with his dad.

Deathstroke is in Gotham? Where is Tim? At school yes but is he going to appear soon? This looks like it will be a month of slim pickings. I might post about the many rumors I've seen of late but I keep thinking it will be pointless. With Roy's looming death it might be time to talk about them to see how many are true.

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