Thursday, August 27, 2015

Any Writers You Boycott ?

I always see comments about being supportive to favorite creators. But has there either been a writer or writers that for whatever reason you can't stand to the point you refuse to buy anything with their name on it ? That you don't want to see writing your favorite characters ? Or hope someone undoes the damage they created ?


  1. A few, that I have had bad experiences with in the past.
    Remender because he completely destroyed the Atom after Gail Simone left. Michael K Stras........whatshisname, because he completely destroyed Superman and practically everything else he touched. Not a huge fan of Bendis either.

  2. For me there's Marc Andreyko who had Kate get raped then said it wasn't even though she thought the woman she was with was Maggie. He also did the infamous "Dick cheats on Kori then gives Barbara a wedding invite the next day" Annual.

    Tynion and Seely also have trouble writing the bat family. Seely made Barbara such a hateful character that I can't stand her anymore.

  3. I have to go with Tynion and Vendetti. Tynion is terrible at writing regular superhero stories (he's a great horror/fantasy writer though. Or at least his Constantine is good) while Venditti has made GL and Flash completely unreadable for me.

  4. I agree that Tynion isn't good on superheroes, I haven't cared for his Batman backups either. He doesn't always get the characters and it shows. Unless he has guidance like Snyder I haven't seen it connect to the other material he's supposed to be collaborating with.