Monday, August 10, 2015

Batmans' Arrogance

Just a few of the things Bruce was a little too arrogant on that have or will likely blow up in this face.

The belief The Court of Owls didn't exist and he knew all of Gothams' secrets. 

This is one that amuses me a little because it feels very Damian like. Keep in mind that Bruce investigated the Court when he was a kid. Long before he even gained his experience as a detective. Since he didn't find anything he believed there wasn't a Court. This came back to bite him hard and he needed his allies to help him contain the situation and save would-be-victims.

Not informing the family that Dick Grayson was acting as a spy.

I don't think this has been handled well in general since it seems to have very little impact on most of the bat books. (The fact no one can see the truth despite the fact Bruce hasn't lost his mind is B.S.) It has been argued that this is a reasonable choice on Bruces' part but the fact that he didn't tell Alfred is highly fishy. I'd be surprised if there isn't a fallout to this.

Believing Joker didn't know his identity.

This one however flat out makes Bruce look like a moron. After repeatedly arguing that everyone was safe in Death of the Family, we learn in Endgame that Joker does know and could get into the cave. If Joker knew since Batman visited him as Bruce Wayne it means that he stupidly endangered his loved ones lives because of his arrogance. Dick found this out but it doesn't look like Bruce told anyone else. 

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