Monday, August 24, 2015

Nathan Fillon wants to be Booster Gold

I'm always happy to see the characters I like get some love and I'm fond of Nathan's performances...I just can't see him as Booster.

On the bright side my mom heard of this although I don't think she was listening when I explained part of Boosters' origin. I told my dad about Booster awhile back but he keeps saying, "that's a stupid name." You know none of my causally-interested-in-comics friends mind the name or the origin. They don't even question it.

...Although my sister and my brother in-law were inappropriately amused when they learned of Skeets name.


  1. Booster? Hal, yes, Booster...not so sure. Although I could possibly see him as Ted.

  2. He's played Hal in animated work which makes it harder for me to see him as Booster.