Sunday, August 30, 2015

What titles would you do?

I've been longing for another series to follow and thinking what could fill the gap. Here's some ideas:

  • Time Masters/Booster Gold: I've been over this a few times but it needs to star Booster, Rip, Skeets and Michelle.
  • Magic Title: I'm not sure what but I loved Sword of Sorcery, Demon Knights, and some of JLD. I'd really love to see something done with the first two series. Mystic U was delayed without us ever getting details. It might be interesting.
  • Batwoman: With a new writer because I miss the old Kate. And if their not going to use Bette let someone else use her.
  • Robin Chronicles: I really feel like these stories need to be told of Dick, Jason and Tims' Robin days. It feels like we're missing a lot. With the right writer this could be amazing.
  • New Superhero: I really like Doomed and how it created a new character to follow. It even has a pretty obscure one making a return. It's fun to see new blood and I welcome the chance to have more new series. I just need to be sold on the concept and creative team.
That's all I can think of at the moment. I'd like different takes for certain characters that I don't like being revamped but that's another list. I might also like to see something done after Titans Hunt depending on how good it is.


  1. I would love another Time Masters/Booster Gold book. Maybe have Rip and Booster teaming up with a variety of other heroes.

  2. I'd love that and to see how they relate to other time travelers. I've read books where some travelers have other agendas than being superheroes or super villains.