Sunday, August 23, 2015

How much do the super villains know?

Does Batmans' rogues gallery suspect his identity or the IDs of the other Robins since Nightwing was unmasked?

I don't remember if they knew Red Robin was the former Robin in last canon but they should know now.

Villains have taunted Batman over Robins' death (Damian) so do they still believe he died and think there's another new Robin?

What do they think is the connection between Red Hood and the bat family? Everyone has to know about the events of UTH. Do they think this is another Red Hood? Does anyone besides Joker (and some of the villains that know Bruces' ID) know this is the Robin he killed? I don't think Joker would let anyone know since he's always gloated about killing a Robin.

I'd love to read an issue of the villains arguing over what they believe is true to get a better perspective.

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