Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Booster Gold Series ?

Honestly this is just a rumor for now since it currently has no source but I'm kinda desperate for comic news on Booster. At least any news that doesn't have to do with JL3001. If this is true Jurgens might not be involved since he's on Batman Beyond. I'm curious how it would be done since everything we thought we knew got turned on its head.

DC have been attempting to do something with Booster for awhile although plans seem to have changed more than once. So even if the rumor is true it doesn't mean they can't fall through. There are a lot of loose ends from Convergence that need to be explored. Skeets needs to be there and so does Rip. And oddly enough the new Boosters' origin needs to be explained since we don't know who hired him and who was working on the time sphere. We may be in for a surprise.


  1. It would indeed be a nice thing if they brought Booster back. He's just sitting there in literary limbo anyway.

    I can honestly say, that this fall, there isn't a whole heck of a lot that I want to read, from EITHER of the big Two!

  2. It would definitely be nice to have Booster back.

    Exactly, I don't see many new titles that have me excited. I have two more books to look forward to but their mini series. There are only three current series I'm getting and two I'll trade wait for.