Monday, August 31, 2015

Brief Character Study: Killer Croc

I always got the impression the writers never knew what to do with Croc. Is he a cannibalistic monster or a misunderstood individual? I was happy to see the writers finally making him a more sympathetic character in the relaunch.

Batwoman has Croc used as a pawn during Medusas' attack. Afterwards he has the chance to take over as a leader of a group of shapeshifters if he kills Batwoman for them. Realizing he's outnumbered and killing her would bring down the wrath of all superheroes he decides to run away instead. I adored the issue, it gave some good insight into Crocs' life. How being possessed effected him and how he's still haunted by his first kill. Waylon also gets a girlfriend (admitting that he was never with a woman before) and she's last seen leaving with him looking pretty pregnant. Much like the Kate/Maggie marriage plot the creators weren't allowed to go through with their plans for Croc.

In Red Hood and the Outlaws Waylon takes on a rather surprising role. One would expect something to do with Jason Todd as he murdered Pre-Crisis Jasons' parents. Croc was actually with Roy Harper at his lowest after Oliver Queen kicked him to the curb. There wasn't anywhere for Roy to turn. Sinking further into his depression he sought out Killer Croc (*1) and tried to get Waylon to put him out of his misery. Figuring out what Roy was doing Croc refused and helped Roy recover from his alcoholism. Ever since Roy has a soft spot for him.

Gotham Academy has Croc watching after Olive since he became friends with her mother in Arkham. He was perfectly civil with her and the other kids at the school even leaving on good terms with them.
I like seeing this side of Croc and would like to see all of these storylines carried out further. It plays nicely against his tough exterior to have Croc have a soft side. He cares about people and they care about him. That helps set him apart from some of the other rogues.

*1 Unknown if he was fighting Croc for something he did although S'aru claimed he was trying to stick up for the little guy.


  1. I wonder if the bit with Roy is still canon, it was never referenced outside of RHATO and his Villian's Month issue ommited it entirely.

  2. It was mentioned in DC Presents and affected the whole plot. I think Seeley did the villains month issue and it ticked off the Batwoman' creators because they called dibs on handling him. From what I've heard most of the villains month issues are ignored like Harley Quinn blowing up children.