Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Robin, Son Of Batman #1

Since a comic book store a bit further out than my normal LCS had a coupon getting two issues of this wasn't so expensive.


There have been artists that have taken the responsibilities of writing and art. Jurgens for example has managed to handle both pretty well in the past. There have also been artists that haven't done as well like Daniels and Kurbert. I suppose it's still early but at this point I honestly prefer Gleasons' writing over Tomasi. Damian is finally--FINALLY--taking responsibility for his actions and having said actions bite him in the ass. Bruce has been ignoring his sons' behavior, showing favoritism that's not present in other books and it never sat well with me. Nobody (the character that is) in particular bugged the hell out of me since Bruce flat out hid his murder from the others. (*1) I thought Tomasi was hinting at Jason knowing about it since he brings Nobody up yet nothing came off this. Now I'm a little doubtful that the family will ever find out but at least Gleason is dealing with it.

Gleason already has a strong sense of storytelling with his art with silent panels conveying messages and he knows when to elaborate or let something stand on it's own. Some parts allow you to make your own interpretations something that I tend to do with certain material. Abush deciding to adopt Damian as one of his sons to serve does sound like a more screwed up version of Batman adopting kids that become his sidekicks.

Damian still comes off as a spoiled brat but not to the same extent as Tomasi's version. This is partly due to him not interacting with anyone except villains and Golith. He does talk to Dick and Bruce in his dream but there's no smugness to be found. The spoiled brat part comes from the details around him at his home. Bruce pretty much bribing him with deserts for not taking him on the mission and having his pets run free in the cave. The first part does remind me of Jasons' implication when he said rich guys think money solves everything. It might have to do with fear of losing Damian again but then again no one is watching him. Not that it's unheard of for Bruce to forget what he's learned but it's still frustrating.

The love Gleason has for the lead and the story he's helped craft with Tomasi is apparent. There are callbacks such as the mantle with the other Robins possessions that becomes more interesting once we learn of Damians' habit of collecting trophies. There's also the dead bat which seems to be the one he killed in a fit of anger when things went bad with Bruce. Gleason sets up the idea that Damian is more determined to make amends because he was previously in hell. I've never been fond of the idea of Damian dying and coming back since it feels like a retread of Jasons' story. This would make a good plot with the two of them since it's been shown/hinted at Jason having been in heaven. Honestly I would love for the two of them to talk since their the only ones who could understand each other. Both characters could benefit from that conversation.

*1 I buy Bruces' truce with Jason because it's a work in progress that's a give and take. Unlike Damian he doesn't live under Bruces' roof so there's less control.

Questions Raised?: Damian what the hell is wrong with you? You don't feed a dog ice cream! Titus will be lucky if that doesn't kill him. Plus his training session was ridiculously dangerous for his pets.

Where the hell is everyone? I know I said Bruce gives Damain took much freedom but this is insane. Apparently Bruce left for a mission without him, tried to bribe him with far too many sweets (which his kid didn't even want) and strokes the boys' ego further with the whole son of Batman thing. I'm surprised Damian didn't pitch a fit like he would under Tomasi. But back to my main point where is everyone and why isn't anyone watching Damian? This takes place before Bruces' "death" so did Bruce just ignore him taking off ?

Say What?: Abush wants "the mothers" to bathe Damian and scrub every crevice thoroughly. Uh, that sounds suspicious since I've heard that line in other stories but I'm still just assuming the guy wants a son.

Did You Notice?: Recently I've mentioned the fact that Jason keeps getting his case replaced and Damian doesn't seem to have one. Well he does in here but I'm not sure if it will only appear in this book. Some artists have all of the costumes together while others just have Jasons'. Gleason has Damians', Batmans' and Jasons'. And again Jason has a red mask not a green one.


  1. This has been pretty darned good. I knew Pat Gleason could draw like nobody's business, but who knew he could write as well?

  2. Gleason is amazing in this and got me to like Damian again after B&R got me to dislike him.