Monday, August 24, 2015

New Reading List

A lot of new things to look forward to in the coming months.

What I'm currently getting:
  • Doomed- It's kind of amazing how much I love this series when I had no desire to read it before the Sneak Peek. Reiser is such a likable character and the depth given to him is greatly appreciated. The art really showcases his personality in a way that might not get across with another artist. It's easy to like Roman too and all the more heartbreaking to see what their going through. 
  • Gotham Academy- This remains my solid female lead book that has thus far not disappointed me. The art feels like it's straight out of an animated series and keeps everyone looking their proper ages. Maps and Olive balance out the series mix of humor and drama nicely. You never know who's going to turn up.
  • Red Hood/Arsenal- I love these two and I glad to have this series. The actions is always great, I enjoy the humor and the sense of story building while not clinging to the somewhat dull 6 issue trade writing structure. I love how Jason is written and how much he's grown. Roy is going through his own healing process since Kori left so we'll see how that goes.
Future Buys:
  • Kanan TPB
  • Star Wars TPB
  • Vader TPB
  • Back to the Future (4 part mini series) -I loved the movies and the anniversary is coming. Not to mention October 21th is the day Marty went into the future in 2015. This mini series is supposed to show how certain unexplained things happened in the trilogy like how Doc met Marty, etc. I have no idea how this will read but it's only four parts and it is a big year to celebrate.
  • Uncle Scrooge HC Box Set- Getting this series online is pretty pricey and near impossible. I wanted to buy it for awhile since I was a huge fan of Ducktales. This series helped develop Scrooge into the beloved character he is today. It also has a family tree showing who's related to Scrooge, Donald, Huey, Duey and Louie and how.
  • Titans Hunt- I'm looking forward to this because of the enormous potential it has. It can go either way: a shot in the arm for these characters or a nosedive for the franchise. Fingers crossed that this doesn't do anything negative or force Roy from RHA.
Drop List:
  • Doctor Fate- I did consider coming back to it later on. I'm not really interested enough to continue. There are books that we don't like that are easy to pass on for various reasons. Then there are series that love that we can't wait to get the next issue of. This is neither of those, it's okay just not exciting/funny/etc. enough for me to continue.

That's all for now although I have heard speculation on what the future holds for upcoming series now that some titles are drawing to a close. I always try to remain positive but who knows what was picked for the new books.

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