Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scott Snyders' dangling Plot Thread

Remember back around Black Mirror when Dick was Batman and went to an evil auction ? Well he did and it turned out they were selling a particular item Dick felt compelled to take. After he passed out Tim found him and Alfred asked what to do with the item. You know, the item with brain matter, blood and tissue on it that was used to beat one of them bloody ? I'm not saying it wasn't a good storyline it just felt pointless to have the crowbar around if they weren't going to address the elephant in the room. Or let Jason decide.

Scott Snyder: Last thing - that's what I was thinking. I considered having him ask Jason, but that's a whole can of worms I don't think Dick wants to go anywhere near. So what to do with it? It was important to me (as someone who remembers vividly calling in from a pay phone to decide Jason's fate) that the crowbar not disappear during the fight in Mirror House. 

I wanted it to have a kind of burial or at least get some kind of reverent moment from Dick. I'm not sure Alfred will actually throw it in the river (though that's a scene I'd love to write for its quiet drama) but I just felt that that's what Dick would say at that moment. Like no more reverence for objects like these (given what just happened at Mirror House). You know? 

Thoughts about this below.

I understand what Snyder is saying, that Bruce clings onto objects (the cave being a prime example) while Dick lets go of the past. That Dick wouldn't want to reopen old wounds with Jason. But here's the thing--the crowbar doesn't relate to Dick it's important to Jason. Yes it represents a connection to Jason but unless we actually have him in the story it's hollow. The emotion comes through Jason having suffered not Dick who rarely has a positive interaction with Jason after his return. This was especially WTF for me after reading those horribly written scenes in other books where: Tim/Dick gleefully ganged up on him (Teen Titans Countdown tie in) and Dick stating he wished Jason stayed dead (Nightwing Blood Brothers, I think.)

It'd work better now but the fact remains that it lacks impact. If he was still dead it'd work since he's not it just falls flat with the lingering question if he'll ever find out dangling uncomfortably.

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