Monday, August 17, 2015

Guys' best friend?

I'm still reading through Red Lanterns when Guy calls John his best friend. I thought that was Kyle. Did that change since the reboot? GL history seems more or less intact with Guy first becoming a RL because of what happened to Kyle so they were still close.


  1. Guy and John never even got along all that well in the Real continuity. Hal and John were better friends than Guy and John. Guy and Kyle were very close, but heck they seem to have supposedly killed Kyle off in some obscure book, and nobody even cares.

    If Guy has a best friend, it is probably Kilowog...but again, that is the old continuity.

    1. I got the impression in GLC that John and Guy were okay with each other not buddies. That the four of them were good together but they'd be the ones least likely to hang out by themselves. I also remember that weird claim someone made that Guy laughed when Johns' wife was murdered which would make things more awkward.

      I hate when no one seems to care when something big happens even though their supposed to be close. Like is Bruce just ignoring the fact he has sons right now? Does anyone care that Dick "died"?

  2. I dumped Batman because I don't really have any interest in seeing Jim Gordon run around in an armored moth suit. But supposedly, Bruce has all his Bat-Knowledge or something, and can't remember how to do karate kicks.

    It seems...very improbable.

  3. What concerns me the most is whether or not his kids know if he's alive. Next month Jason is meeting Robocop Gordon so that should shed a little light. But is Bruce basically ignoring them? No wonder Damian isn't out alone.

    It really does. My theory is that he's faking it because he wants a normal life.