Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Robin, Son of Batman #2

Damian deals with his first act of redemption with Nobody 2 tagging along.


Well Gleason can write an insufferable Damian as his flashback with Talia shows. I was pleased to see her telling him off for this and that he was referring to her by name just to be an ass before she corrects him. Damian is more of a brat in the flashbacks but not nearly as bad as he was under Tomasi. Which is a good thing because I began disliking Damian in Batman & Robin. I like that there's someone else willing to call him on his B.S. other than Tim.

Damian didn't quite kill his first trophy--the Guardian but it still left the people he was protecting in dire straits without him. Once his mission becomes clear the Guardian and everyone else accept his attempt to make amends.

Nobody 2 the daughter of the first Nobody has her own agenda, one that's fascinating to see as it's not the standard revenge mission. She wasn't trained to be a killer and in fact has never taken a life. Did her father want to shield her from that life? She shows a heroic side by saving those endangered during the battle and wants Damian to make amends. Since she has footage proving Damian hasn't even a prefect angel she blackmails him knowing he wants to keep some things a secret.

Given how Bruce acted in the past I can't see him getting upset over the information. He either knew or suspected it all already. Sure the JL would have concerns but much like Jason I'm sure they'd know better than to cross Batman.

This is a good read but far too much to get at $3.99. I do bend my rules every once in a while but I might wait on getting further issues just to get them cheaper.

Questions Raised?: How alive is the Guardian? It seems like a mindless golem when children are warned to keep away lest he turn them to stone. Yet he has the ability to have a conversation with Damian.

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