Monday, August 17, 2015

DC Solicits for November

Nothing new seems to be coming out but that doesn't mean there isn't anything to talk about.

  • Some of these Loony Toons covers are kind of horrific when you think about them like the Cyborg one.
  • Robin SOB looks good and I'm looking forward to reading this at a later date. Thanks for making me like Damian again Gleason!
  • I'm not going to get an issue of Batgirl that has Gotham Academy crossing over (unfortunately it will probably be in the trade) and now Steph shows up. I can't stand the relaunch version of Barbara Gordon which makes this a big pass. Sorry Steph.
  • How does the JL timeline work with all that's happening in the other titles? Is this before or after Robocop Bat-Gordon, hobo Hal, etc? Because this doesn't seem to affect any other books. It has the vibe of "I can easily skip this" and not just because it's in it's own corner. I'm just not feeling Geoff Johns lately, sad but true.
  • Batman and Robin Eternal: With all the secrets Bruce keeps it shouldn't be surprising at this point. I'd LOVE to see Bruce blindsided by something they kept from him. I didn't expect to see Tim fighting Dick, Harper bonds with Cass? Nice but how about the guys that were her adopted brothers in the last 'verse? Jason never met her although I'm kind of dreading how that would go. Given the way Batman Eternal was written it wouldn't shock me if she pointlessly beats him up when he's done nothing to deserve it. BTW I have heard a rumor that Cass' new backstory will piss people off so let's prepare for the worst.
  • Is this a new character? Because I want to think it's Miss Martin. I suppose it could be J'onn sex change making another appearance. 
  • That image of Harley and Arkham Knight is worrying. Don't go there DC. Don't even hint it.
  • Tim is going Robo-Cop too? But wasn't the point of Terry's suit--nevermind.
  • Omega Men: They finally admit it. The solicit that most of us knew was happening since the Sneak Peek.
  • I guess this means Komand'r is returning. Does this mean the same Blackfire that truly loved her sister or another bout of ignoring what was written? I swear it feels like DC doesn't want me to like the female characters I used to love.
  • It should be fun to see Superman join the party in Doomed. I'm glad AC is showing up more, at least if the solicits are any indication.
  • More with Calamity and how she affects Olive! 
  • Titan Hunt: I'm 80% sure I'm getting this series even though I don't want to pay so much. Hopefully it will be released as a digital first and marked down. Roys' history hasn't been fleshed out too much although I wonder if it will retcon the bit about him never being Ollies' partner/sidekick. Also Roys' back to his RHATO uniform?
  • Apparently because Jason and Roy are both wearing their looks from their last series. I mean I liked those looks but it's kind of out of the blue. Or another case of the cover artist not knowing the designs...except Howard Porter SHOULD know them pretty well by now. A therapy session sounds intriguing, if Tynion didn't add Hugo Strange he could have built a good story about Roy seeking a healthy means to recover. I think the biggest problem would be having Jason able to trust someone since he knows of lots of doctors that turned into supervillains. Can you imagine what a therapist would say about how Bruce treats his kids?

I'm disappointed to see the last trade of Red Hood and the Outlaws isn't being released (yet?) I'd like to finish my TPB collection of my favorite RHATO run. Are we getting an Annual for Red Hood/Arsenal this year? I hope so. I'm still kind of bummed out that it looks like another long wait for more Booster appearances. You'd think that with these three Convergence mini series there would be one about Booster, Booster, Michelle and Rip. There are a lot of freaking loose ends.


  1. There's something weird going on in RH/A #6 Aside of the boys having their N52 duds, you have dead people like Palette and Suzie Su hanging around.

    I guess December solicits will clear what's happening with Roy and Jay

    1. Good catch. I was totally focused on the uniform change. Maybe the therapy session makes them relive everything. That said I'm kind of surprised Lobdell is still interested in writing Suzie Su.

      It might.