Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Are we going to see the "missing 10 years"?

SPOILERS AHEAD for DC Universe Rebirth

Wally says that ten years were taken from them. Well where was this time taken from? The older heroes? Diana for example is only a couple year older than Dick Grayson now.

Did the Robins have longer periods as Batmans' partner? I hope so because their all squeezed together. Just have Bruce be older or start younger to fit it in without aging the Robins. Remember Didio wanted to kill Dick off because he's was the oldest and thought it aged Bruce.

What's the deal with this being the same timeline as it previously was yet having the married Superman and new 52 Superman?

Will Wally get back his wife and kids?

If time is being messed with where are the Time Masters?

I'd love to see these stories told especially some mini series about the Robins or the Time Masters. Well the first three, Damian already has plenty of books with him as the current Robin. I'll feel disappointed unless I finally see Jurgens writing kid Rip meeting Jon.


  1. I actually am not sure I want them to explain things. Whenever they do, it only seems to make things worse.

    I do know I want all those crazy old farts in the Justice Society back, because I love those guys.

  2. Without explaining things I feel like there's still some disconnect. Granted I don't want any of it to be mess things up worse. If it was someone like Johns it could work.