Monday, September 15, 2014

Batgirl #35 ten page preview

I know they said these are uncorrected pages but certain things bug me about this. So these are my thoughts on what's shown.


Why is Barbara going back to school? I thought she had all the degrees she needed?

Barbara walks around in her undies when her roommate told her she had a guest? She had no idea who it was and surprise she embarrassed herself.

At least her memory is being used.

Barbara looks too young (she's supposed to be 21) and her exchange with the thug makes this worse. He thinks she's 14 and her only response is that she's legal? WTF?

And Barbara continues being a self centered ass in new 52 as she completely tunes out what Dinah lost to focus on herself again. Oh and even though she told Dinah she didn't want to see her again she still used her space for her own use. Nice. Why should I like Babs again?

She just seems very immature and doesn't seemed very superhero-ish. Like the book is trying too hard to appeal to a certain crowd. Barbara doesn't come off as Barbara. Aside from her new 52 selfs' treatment of her "co-workers" problems.

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