Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Character Height

Do you ever notice that certain characters are rarely if ever shown at their correct height?

Here's the heights I found.

Bruce Wayne: 6' 2" (I've also seen it as 6' 4")
Dick Grayson: 5' 10"
Jason Todd: 6' 0 " (It was originally 6' 2")
Tim Drake: 5' 5" (I've also seen it at 5' 8" but either way he can still grow.)
Damian Wayne: 4' 6" (No idea what his adult version is and Hetric was more of a science project.)
Barbara Gordon: I have no idea as these are the heights I've found. 5' 3", 5' 6", 5' 8" and 5' 11"
Cassandra Cain: 5' 5"
Stephanie Brown: 5' 5"

Superman: 6' 3"
Wonder Woman: 6' 0" (6' 2"-6' 3" in heels apparently.)

Roy Harper: 5' 9" or 5' 11"
Koriand'r: 6' 4"

Fire: 5' 8"
Ice: 5' 7" (Not sure if Tora or Beas' heights are right since certain artists made Tora seem shorter.)
Guy Gardner: 6' 2" (Also listed as 6' 0")
Booster Gold: 6' 5" (Although I've seen some claim he's 6' 2" which isn't what's printed on the cover.)

Now if you look at this you'll notice Booster is the tallest outranking Superman and Batman. Which is probably why DC artists tend to make him either the same height as them or shorter. No one wants anyone except villains towering over them I guess.

Cass, Stephanie and Tim are around the same size which has been pretty constant. Although it should be noted that Tim is shorter than everyone else in the family except Damian. This is why so many of us wondered WTF when he was drawn taller than not just Barbara but JASON in Batman and Robin #34. Jason is the tallest Robin although Dick is usually drawn at the same height. Dick used to be shown much shorter which was very apparent when he first started dating Kori. This started to change with Kori being drawn shorter than the men although some titles like R.E.B.E.L.S. got it right.

I was especially surprised to learn Roy's height as he's shown being pretty tall, yet he's roughly around Dicks' height AND Jason's.

From what I've seen the artists that don't research seem to think Superman/Batman are the tallest, women are usually shorter than men (although I've yet to see this mistake with Big Barda), Dicks' the oldest thus he's the tallest and heroes around the same age are usually the same size.


  1. I agree completely. They do seem to alter the heights of everyone, with them getting progressively taller from the old days...but at least more or less proportionately. Hal and Guy are supposed to be the same height, with John being a few inches taller and Kyle being a few inches shorter, but they are all more or less portrayed the same.

    Heck, Wolverine is supposed to be 5'3", and when was the last time he looked that way?

    I loved the Darwyn Cook had Wonder Woman being taller than Superman.

  2. I dont know when I last saw Wolverine at the right height. I like seeing the height difference! With Booster it's actually funny thinking it'd tick Superman off because he'd have to look up! I remember Clark flying to look Barda in the eye.