Thursday, September 25, 2014

You Know that Feeling?

The one you get when writers tease a pairing you don't want together? One that don't mesh, that has one of them treating the other like crap 90% of the time and came out of no where just to create unneeded drama? 

Yeah I'm feeling that right now. Don't do it DC you know how well it went over the last time you suggested there might be a thing with one Dicks' love interests and a certain person. Since it doesn't seem to be followed up in a book I assume takes place after the series the teasing takes place it seems even more random. 


  1. Oh I know that feeling very well. Do you remember the gawdawful pairing up of Hal Jordan and Plastic Man? very terrible.

    And yet I adored when they put Booster, Rip, Superman and Hal together...mainly because Booster and Rip made the other two look like idiots. Which is Hal's case, usually isn't very hard.

  2. Okay that made me smile. Actually I meant pairing like couple. TMVP was fun partly because of that. The Time Masters knew what they were doing. Hal and Clark didn't, their answer was just to hit things and hope for the best.

  3. Hitting things and hoping for the best, is definitely Hal's modus operandi. Superman is supposed to be smarter, but for some reason, Booster just throws him off his game.

  4. I'd also wager Superman didn't expect Rip to tell him off. Superman is used to being in charge and he's never been great at following the rules of time travel. Seriously, under Jurgens Clark dislikes time travel and most travelers. He knows the rules but thinks their playing god by not doing anything.