Friday, September 12, 2014

Have You Ever...

...waited for something to be done with the character you loved? Then you hear that their being used but before you can get excited you see that the plans aren't ones you're thrilled about? Yep, one of my worst fears has been realized. Giffin and DeMatteis are writing Booster Gold and Ted Kord again--despite saying they were finished at least twice already.

SPOILERS and fury below.

They say that this is the pre-new 52 Booster and Beetle but that's not quite right. That version had Ted dead at Maxs' hands and Booster as a Time Master. This is their ICBINTJL/FKATJL where Ted is the biggest asshole to his supposed best friend and Booster is an out of character moron that is willing to marry an old woman for her money. You know the minis that were basically out of canon? To say I hated those series is an understatement. I read their Booster Gold and hated most of it too. Do I really want to get ticked off month after month and waste money on a version I loath?


  1. No, of course you don't, and you shouldn't.

    If I were in your place, I wouldn't pick up a single issue of JL3K. Supporting a character that you don't like will only encourage DC to expand on that character's role. If you're giving them money, they don't care if you like what they're giving you. Look at airlines and cable companies for examples of that principle at work.

    (Of course, I happen to enjoy ICBINTJL, so this news has me giddy. But I respect your stance. Just because I enjoy Giffen/DeMatteis' take on the character doesn't mean that I never see Johns/Jurgens' Booster Gold, Time Master again.)

  2. I don't plan to support it but I'm kinda ticked nonetheless. If DC was really going to follow BG from pre-52 it should have been the one from JLGL. Not to mention this doesnt make sense given what we've seen. FKATJL/ICBINTJL just brings out such bad feelings for me I don't think I could stand it.

  3. Now I'm torn. I actually liked ICBINTJL, but mainly because I realized that it wasn't..."real". But mostly for the Maguire artwork, which made everything so magical.

    I don't think that Giffen and DeMatteis can help themselves. They keep trying to recapture that lighting in a bottle moment, when they first unleashed the JLI upon the world. And I would LOVE it if they were able to do that again. But not at the expense of two beloved characters.

    So I am cautiously optimistic.


  4. Even though it wasn't "real" it just created this gut punch reaction for me, you know? For years I couldn't look at Maquires' work without getting those bad feelings. It's hard to explain why I feel so negatively about it. Yeah and that might a bit of the problem. They keep going back to the same thing only trying to go more and more over the top that they lose some of the spark that made their JLI run special.