Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Futures End: Red Hood and the Outlaws

This was kind of like I expected.


This felt like a really quick read and while I only read one other FE tie in so far this doesn't have the standard formulas I've heard of most having. No mention of Earth 2 and nothing on the surface that seems to link this with current storylines. Basically this is what Jason would be like without his friends having nothing left but the mission to punish those that get off scot free. A character piece really showing him at his lowest as he has no real hope. Apparently he's not close to any of the family, Kori took over as leader of her people and Roy wanted to follow in Ollie's footsteps. The last one seems to have disgusted Jason which he sees as Roy trying to be someone else. They meet once where Jason lies that their friendship meant nothing to him and Roy almost kills him. Most of the plot is him dealing with the police and his targets. The real heart of the matter is his thoughts. He doesn't like killing but feels it's his duty to do it. It has the feel of someone going through the motions with nothing else in his life and not even wanting to be himself.

The art isn't what I'd want for normal issues but the style was perfect for the story. Wonderful work.

Much to my surprise Jason doesn't die but he keeps doing what he's doing. It's so sad, tragic actually but also pretty badass as no one really stops him. Roy comes the closest and all that does is make Jason more determined to proceed with his mission. This was alright it just wasn't new. It's plausible I just would have liked to see something else.

Questions Asked ?: Why is he still wearing the same outfit? I would have liked to see something new to show his change onto a darker path. Plus he's using the bat symbol?

I have to read this again but wasn't Roy trying to get that equipment back from Jason? Claiming it was needed? Blowing it up to get back at Jason seems extremely petty.

Divorce? I assume he's talking about the splitting of the team not meaning he was married to Kori.

What happened when Jason fell after Roy caused that explosion? It was a long drop that should have killed him. We don't see him using a grappling hook and he seemed dazed from Roy's shot. He says it took him three days to heal and mentions regular folks not knowing the "joy" of being immortal. Is he  immortal or pretty close to it?

Did You Notice ?: Jason wears the same helmet Roy damaged and he seems to be wearing Roy's hat when he says that he gets to be Jason Todd for a few minutes a day. A lot of meta going on here.

Say What ?: Some of the things that weren't clear before get mentioned. Some are teased but not explained. Jason mentions his rebirth, being taken from heaven and his return being worse than the death. I assumed as much and that he's frustrated because he can't relate to anyone about his experiences. As a result this made him feel even more isolated. Without his friends in this AU he's a lot worse off.


  1. good reviews, everything else you said about Jason really does bring back the pre52 Jason todd, which I know everyone seem to like version better. however the only differences is that, Jason seem he like working or feel better working alone. called me heartless or thickheaded but I think Scott has made Jason to a guy who wouldn't give damn and just do his job, to a guy who starting to overthinking about his action, oh it what im doing is right or wrong? and does it anyways. It kinda make me feel a bit frustrated how Scott made Jason jump back and forth to this cool pre52Jason to back at being lame. He mentioned how he hate killing? but do it anyways bec he FEEL he has to do it? a sign to a low confidence there. scott really had Jason becoming so desperately wanted to be team up again. The way I see Jason is a guy who would miss his friend but can move on.

  2. I liked both versions Winick and Lobdells' new 52 Jason. Winicks' however is extremely limited with little room to grow which showed during his last Jason arc. The character needs development and being the loner doesn't accomplish it. I don't see this Jason as jumping back and forth. He always had this tough guy persona that doesn't let people know how badly he's hurting. Why would he just get over his friends leaving him? They were everything to him, he literally has no one else in his life in this bleak future. Who won't be depressed? Jason doesn't like killing in new 52 but does it for the same reasons he did before--he believes someone has to stop these people. Having Joker live gets countless innocents slaughtered so he thinks he has to do it to prevent others from suffering like he did.