Monday, September 29, 2014

The Latest DC scandal

Are these t-shirts. This is a common problem that needs to stop. It's already hard enough to find some of my favorite character shirts. This isn't just a DC problem either. They don't even sell many female sci-fi/comics shirts in normal stores. Not too long ago I was looking at the ones in the kids sections. The boys had something like "I want to be a ninja/I'm a ninja" the girls had "I'm going to marry a ninja." Even as a kid I'd never get the girl shirt because I wanted to be the ninja.

Also Batman has a wife? Riiight. We know no one's allowed to marry and Batman is kind of a weird choice for commitment anyway.


  1. Um...yeah. Seriously, what were they thinking? Talk about being totally tone-deaf.

  2. Sadly that seems to be a trend as of late. Both in and out of comics.