Monday, September 1, 2014

DC Collectibles: Starfire

I waited for them to do Red Hood and the Outlaw figures for a long time and even longer to finally have some good figures of the characters before they became a trio. Ladies first especially since the Princess arrived before her male teammates did.

Comic Accurate Likeness: Although this is the new 52 version this isn't the outfit Starfire first wore in Red Hood and the Outlaws. I'm not sure why they didn't use that design as the bust and statue DCC made have. That's not to say this look isn't true to the comics as Kori has worn this version around the time Tynion took on writing duties in RHATO. The difference of course is the top or rather the "bra" section. Originally it just clung to her chest with no visible support while this connects to the jewel at her neck. It's not a look I mind as this is a better and more sensible costume. I believe the only new 52 figures that aren't designer figures that follow an artist style are the Jim Lee JL figures. So no, Kori isn't based off of any particular artist style. She looks pretty close to the overall look with the long flaming hair though. RATING: 10

Sculpting: I believe this is the same sculpt that was seen in the promo shot with a different paint job. Jack Mathews is credited in crafting this figure. I've looked at some of his work already as he did Huntress and Green Arrow. He's someone that gets detail and amazed me with the promo picture of Kori. Some of that look is missing here which seems to be due to the paint job. Starfires' head isn't as big as Nightwings' but it's still larger than Arsenal and Red Hood. Of course you'll notice the amazing flaming hair first which instantly draws the eye in. This is the most beautiful DC Collectibles figure, so far. As usual I'm not thrilled with closed fists though Kori only has one while her other is open. Not in a grip that can hold most weapons. Since the hair is pretty incredible It makes up a little for the hands. RATING: 9

Paint Job: I believe the skin tone is colored plastic rather than painted which would explain the difference in the promo shot and finished product. The eyebrows don't pop out as much in this version. The eyes seem smaller and lighter too which takes away the Starfire look. I think this is the only current DCC figure that has painted nails that matches her purple lips which is another detail from the comic. The aren't any glaring errors although the silver does dip a little into the purple section of the back of the bra. I noticed mine has a fading paint smears around top of the legs. However this was only present after I did the boil method to move the legs and could be scratched away. Never had that happen before but no biggie. Nothing that really bugs me. RATING: 8

Articulation: There's so much that could have been added. Kori could have had a swivel under the bra area but doesn't. Ball joints could have been added easily given the way the ankle area is crafted. No wrist movement although there are arm cuts where the arm guards end. While there are wasted opportunities that doesn't mean we don't get some surprises. Hidden by the boots are upper leg cuts that allows for more movement we didn't have for Power Girl and Huntress. More surprising is the shoulder pads which I worried would be stuck too bulky. Although all buyers should be wary that these shoulder pads can snap out of place. From what I've heard this usually occurs when the head is turned and bumps into them. Mine did so when I merely touched it. I've seen mentions of it being hard to put back in but I never had any trouble. It's plain to see movement will be hindered because of the hair. I haven't come across this problem since I was careful but it's still a possibility. While the hair has two parts it has no articulation and is glued in place. RATING: 8

Accessories: The princess comes with nothing. I can sort of understand this as the hair takes up a lot of room. It might also be hard to think of anything to put in although star bolts would have been an awesome touch. Maybe a flight stand. I was going to start rating this section when there's no accessories after Superboy but the hair Kori has makes it more understandable. So I'm still putting the rating to the next figure that doesn't come with anything and doesn't have the excuse of incredibly huge hair.

Comparison to other figures: The most obvious comparison would be to the Mattel counterpart, DCD Blackfire and Nightstar. I did those reviews here. (The pic with Mattel Starfire and the DCC Starfire was the only one I was able to get before I sold the Mattel figure. It is much smaller than the DCC version.) Thanks to being fearful of all DCC figures snapping like a twig under the slightest moment I put all the Outlaws in hot water long enough to move their joints when the plastic softened. Something I never had to worry about under Mattel or DCD. This is the best Kori to date thanks mainly to the sculpt. While I prefer this figure over most of the others (Mar'i still ranks pretty high with me so she's near equal) it's still frustrating that I had to take measure to ensure nothing broke off. Being able to move action figure shouldn't require precaution. I won't rank this lower because I'm fond of the figure but as I've been saying this problem should be fixed. RATING: 8.5

Overall: Kori is superior to the other Starfire figures which I believe are just the DCD Teen Titans version and the Mattel one I reviewed. The hair can be a struggle to deal with if you're not careful but I love it. This is how the flaming hair should look. It would only be better if it could move with articulation and/or lit up. The likeness in the face isn't as good as it was in the promos and while it lost some of it's look it's still a lovely action figure. Would I like to see new Starfire figures? Yes, having at least one in the Artist Designer line seems like a must. I think Kori can be made into a better figure but this one is still pretty awesome.

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