Monday, September 8, 2014

DC Collectibles: Red Hood

There have been three Jason Todd related figures before and for some reason none of them were based on one of the characters ongoing looks. Just brief storylines and only one of which was actually a Red Hood costume. Now we FINALLY have one that fits but was it worth the wait?

Comic Accurate Likeness: Well, yes this fits the look in the comic even though different artists handled the helmet differently. Having a face on it is actually a Rocafort design. The thing that stick out the most as an odd choice to add are the flight wings/blades on the arms. While they do appear in comic in issue #2 their only present for a short time as Jason uses them to glide into a hidden entrance
on the side of a mountain. They have yet to make another appearance in comic although they have turned up on a trading card. It's definitely an odd choice since their not part of his usual look but it still comes from the comic. RATING: 10

Sculpting: This was crafted by sculptor Steve Kiwus. There's a lot of detail on this even on the neck and the back under the jacket. The gloves themselves are incredible and I really have no problem here. RATING: 10

Paint Job: I can't believe they didn't paint the helmet a shiny red paint like Arsenals' bow! It seems like a natural idea since his look is supposed to be a biker version of the Red Hood persona. Roy and Kori both have shiny paint but Jason doesn't? There are some noticeable spots where paint is missing on the jacket and there's no detail with shading. Given the effort on Arsenals arms and the flat choices of paints it's a let down. Better than some paint apps just nothing to make it stand out. Painting: 6.5

Articulation: Technically Red Hood has tons of articulation, it's just not the type people are clamoring for. Thanks to the blade wings there's wrist movement, top of the gantlet cuts and each blade (4 on each) move. It looks like the knees are double jointed thanks to the sculpting but nope. That's a fake out that makes it even more obvious that it could have been done just like the Capullo line was, they just chose not to do so. There also appears to be a waist swivel since the torso looks like a separate piece from the lower half. No such luck. The fake outs, especially the knees ticked me off a little. I rather have that movement than the blades. RATING: 7

Accessories: Since the gantlets can't be removed just the guns are included which really are a must for the character. A lot more could have been included though like a Jason Todd head, the All Blades (which appeared far more than the wing blades) and even the dagger from UTH for a callback. So this is a bit of a let down but at least the guns fit in the hands and holsters. BTW the holsters aren't stiff pieces of plastic and the straps can't be snapped into place. They just hang over and can't be lifted to put the weapons in. I don't like the look to the guns as their so flat. RATING: 7

Misc: The jacket is a separate piece but it's glued in place. I hate that. On a more positive note the hands are made from a more flexible plastic that allow the weapons to slip in place better than some of the other figures.

Comparison to other figures: Jason has the same problems as most of the DCC figures I've looked at. Stiff joints and okay paint with some minor flaws. This is an alright figure it's just not as fluid as other lines. Still it's the best Jason Todd/Red Hood figure available. RATING: 7


Overall: The blades don't do the figure any favors as they always feel like their in the way. Why anyone thought that this was a must have for a much requested figure I don't know. Their a bother and have never been part of the iconic look for the character. As a result I think there needs to be a more ideal figure released for the character since this sadly doesn't work. Great look but the blades are too much of a hassle.

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