Friday, September 5, 2014

Future Ends BOP and Batgirl Previews

BOP here and Batgirl here. Thought below.


Not much to say on the BOP preview although it looks like Dinah is actually doing some good. I don't know why she's in charge of the League of Assassins but it seems like just about everyone from Gotham gets offered that gig at some point.

As for Batgirl....why don't any of the cops or the security she mentioned shoot? Are we really supposed to believe Barbara just stood there her husband walked to his death without trying to stop James? That the others just let this go on because one guy was so scary? No one, not Barbara or anyone near her thought extra protection was needed? Aren't we always told how brilliant Barbara is supposed to be? Why doesn't she have common sense?

Her brother is a psycho and her dad was the Commissioner/Batman' bud. And James Jr can't care for others so why would he care about Barbara at all?

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