Friday, September 19, 2014

Batman 410

We saw how Batman found Jason Todd and decided to make him the second Robin. Now let's see his first actual mission as the boy wonder and how Bruce made his first screw ups as a father figure/mentor to the boy.


In universe 6 months have passed since issue 409. Jason has been trained by Bruce in fighting, firearms, science, computers, all the usual stuff. Despite being a fifth grade drop out due to his previous home life Jason is excelling at all his training. Joking about the giant penny brings up the topic of Two Face as Jason figures out that's who it was taken from. Having read up on the other villains in Batmans' rogues galley he notes how odd it is that they never went over Two Face. If you recall the backstory of Jason's father last issue you'll know why that is although Bruce shrugs it as no big deal. With a little prompting he tells the backstory and the obsession with the number 2.

After Bruce's words unintentionally hurt Jason (more on that in a bit) he tells Alfred that Willis Todd was likely murdered by Two Face. Alfred point out what I said in my other review about Bruce's action not fitting with what he said. He wants to protect Jason yet he made him Robin despite vowing never to endanger another child. Bruce gives the excuse that it's okay because Jason already lived a crappy life which made him grow up faster and by making him a sidekick he reduces the chances he'll end up like his dad. Alfred also informs Bruce that he's hindering progress by repeatedly mentioning the first Robin. For that he has no answer but look he brought a Robin uniform that looks just like Dicks'! They meet Gordon who also promptly reminds Batman he swore never to have another kid sidekick. The same "he's older than most kids" excuse is used and Gordon exchanges greetings with the new boy wonder.

He gives them a letter addressed to Batman who asks what Robin makes of it. Jason thinks it's connected to Two Face which they agree feels like the correct answer. Sure enough Harvey has gathered two pairs of twins to help him in a robbery in a casino by the bi-state bridge. Just when their about to put the money into the second armored car they find the dynamic duo 2.0 waiting. It turns out Jason figured out the clue and made a logical assumption where the theft was going down. (Maybe if you didn't send them clues it would be easy to get away Harvey.) But before they can haul him away Two Face reminds them that he carries two gun and uses a lady as a hostage. Jason defuses the situation by offering himself as a hostage instead. To seal the deal he points out that he's the second Robin. Just as their leaving Jason hits the breaks and dives out of the car.

The police don't catch Two Face but everyone is impressed with Jason's first day on the job. Alfred does suggest Bruce talk to Dick which he agrees to but puts off. Feeling excited from everything Jason decides to do some homework by checking into Two Faces' file. Naturally he finds out the man killed his dad.

Overall: I still don't see why Jason gets so much hate. He's very likable, smart, resourceful and willing to do the work needed for the job. Bruce remains thick headed since he can't understand how he's messing with Jason's self confidence by mentioning Dick and doesn't seem to know how to relate  with his second kid beyond training. It shouldn't surprise me though considering he still hasn't talked to the first which you know will go over great once he discovers he's been replaced. Beyond Two Face murdering Willis he comes off more comical than threatening. Sure he possibly killed a guy but his custom two door car with a split design was hilarious as was Jason's reaction to it. This was an alright issue if a little campy.

Say What?: It's interesting to note Jason still doesn't feel close enough to Bruce after 6 months to call him by his first name. He calls him Mr. Wayne until Bruce says to call him Bruce at the end, nice to know it took him 6 months to tell Jason that.

Did You Notice?: Two Faces' desk looks very small.

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