Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who's writing this part of Batman Eternal?

Thoughts on the preview for #26.


I know Seeley was supposed to do the Jason/Kate/Babs section (which is a topic for another day) and Tynion is doing the Tim/Harper/Steph parts. Still they have said that they would write characters when they overlapped. I ask because the writing on Bruce being scared of Hush and the characterization on Jason is pure B.S. I know their likely retcon it but Hush only had one real impressive feat which was removing Selina's heart. He was barely important in his intro story.

Why the hell would Jason--in front of Alfred's' daughter no less--ask if Alfred knocked someone up? First of all he respects Alfred and isn't vulgar. Also? HE'S the result of an unplanned pregnancy! Something that his own dad wasn't too pleased at (*1) and is one of the reasons he feels unwanted. Jason of all people wouldn't be so insensitive. He may be the rebel of the group but he doesn't spew crap. In most of the group team ups he's been the one calling Bruce out on his bull and otherwise minds his own business anyway.

Also I think all the recent scans I've seen make me dislike the new 52 Barbara more and more. Given what she's said not too long ago she's hardly one to talk.

*1 Jason in fact says that part of the reason he couldn't sleep well growing up is because his father threatened to get rid of his "two mistakes" meaning his mother and him. So yeah this reaction really doesn't seem like something he'd say!


  1. I haven't been reading this...but yeesh. Talk about tone-deaf!

  2. I pre-ordered the first tpb and while I'm regretting it I look forward to the review. If nothing else it should be entertaining. From what I've seen so far Barbara--and everyone's reaction to her--is highly annoying.