Thursday, September 25, 2014

Next Months' Pull List

Now that we're out of crossover/tie in month we can get back to the present stories. I'll still be going to my LCS for one week but I love getting digital comics. It's great when I can't go out and saves space. Something you know will come in handy during storms.
  • Gotham Academy #1: I think I'll try this out. If nothing else it'll be something new and different. DC may have some failing with the new 52 but the willingness to try out new books isn't one of them. (Oct. 1)
  • Supergirl #35: Maybe? The only reason I'm considering this (as I never read an issue in this 'verse) is because Jason is doing a cameo. Even then I'm cautious as I didn't like what it sounded like in the interview and wasn't a fan of the writers work on Blue Beetle.
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #35: I'm not sure how this will go but I expect this to be hard to read even if it's good. Dealing with the topic of drug use is hard enough with this group it will be heartbreaking. The emotion involve could be devastating. (Oct. 15)
  • New Warriors #11: I haven't been reviewing this one although I may once it ends at 12. This was a great series that got me to read a Marvel book after years of disinterest. Another great book cut short. (Oct. 22)

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