Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Will DC Do a Dick Grayson/Robin Celebration?

The 75th anniversary of Batman is ending--well it's supposed to although I've heard that it may carry on into the new year. But that may also be because Dick Grayson's own 75th anniversary is coming up along with the Robin legacy. Batman had a lot going on this year but what will Dick get? Will it be a celebration of all Robins too?

Personally I'd like for it to not only praise the first boy wonder but also his siblings in spandex. Do an event with the Robins (maybe even future/alternate ones) exploring their days as Batmans' partners and their relationship with each other. This has barely been touched in this 'verse. Dick can be the focus as the oldest brother trying dealing with his legacy and how he feels about the others. Maybe the fallout of them realizing Dick and Bruce faked his death?

Action figures of Agent Grayson, Helena B., new 52 versions of Robins: Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian and Helena?

There's a lot that can be done.

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