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Ranking Futures End Tie Ins

SPOILERS not just for the books I reviewed but other tie ins.

Title: Grayson

Favorite Scene: I did like the team up of Helena and Dick but I have to say the reveal of the code Cluemaster uses since it's important for understanding the beginning/end of the story. The fact it dates back to his Robin days made this even better. I also like that this wasn't the Riddler, that D-lister Cluemaster was added to the mix. It's funny that he's able to unintentionally give Dick something he and later Helena will use.

Favorite Line:  "How many times do I have to tell you, when I say "the roof" that means drop everything and go to the extraction point and get the copter! Immediately!" 

I like this line because like my favorite scene it's important for understanding the start/finish. Helena also uses it to her own advantage in an amusing way.

Things I wasn't fond of: The scene with Barbara was obnoxious as she tells us again that she's better than others. It was jarring compared to the other pages that read smoothly. It's not that it's hard to understand the point of it (although I'd argue it wasn't needed) it's just not written as well as the rest of the issue. Having Barbara basically tell him that he wants Bruce for a lover certainly needs to be written with care.

To Sum Up: This was done in interesting way, had the clues that helped the book have a different ending and weaved in details throughout the book. I enjoyed most of this although the Dick Grayson spy thing still doesn't feel right to me and I hated the Batgirl page. This is basically tied with RHATO since I liked the creativity but the spy element still seems off for Dick even if this issue is only based on a possible future.

Title:  Red Hood and the Outlaws

Favorite Scene: It was constant action although two parts stood out for fleshing out Jason's character and showing his torment. The second will be under my favorite line but the page of Jason thinking how horrible his death and rebirth was--implying he was now immortal--that was the biggest gut punch surprise. He's never openly referred to any of that nor in detail before this issue. This is the first time we've heard him say he was not only in heaven but he was dragged out to come back to life. It brings home how much he's really suffering, why being alone is so much worse for him and how isolated he feels because of it. This also ties into past Lobdell issues where Jason seems to long for normalcy or doesn't see himself as normal.

Favorite Line: "No more friends. Family. Mentors or Senseis. Sometimes I even get to be Jason Todd again for a few minutes of the day. Fun." 

For me this was the most heartbreaking moment as Jason has no one left in his life and that obviously weighs on him. Instead of being furious like he was in UTH he's depressed and sees himself as Red Hood. He doesn't want to be Jason Todd anymore sarcastically remarking how "fun" that is. This is made worse by the fact he chooses to wear Roy's hat when he's Jason Todd even though Roy tried to kill him. Jason misses what he had and only has the memories to hold onto.

Things I wasn't fond of: Well despite liking the issue I'm not fond of the idea of going back to the a Winick type of anti-hero and Jason being so miserable. It's not something I want to see in canon again since it has zero room for development plus I like him with his friends. It would have been a nice change of pace to show him happy in the future. As for the story it's self it was painful to see Futures End Roy Harper who lost his personality and acted like a tool. 

To Sum Up: You know I was kind of surprised people didn't get Grayson but the fact some readers don't get this stuns me. I'm talking about other Jason Todd/Red Hood fans who don't get that Jason is in fact depressed and deeply cares for his friends. I also saw reviewers think Jason was married to Kori but completely miss the mention of immortality. For me it was okay for a one shot but not something I'd like to see Jason go through as it was getting stale prior to the relaunch. This tied with Grayson because of the character work involved.

Title: Booster Gold

Favorite Scene: I'm not sure there's an actual scene just small moments. Ted seeing but not knowing Booster. Our Booster refusing to reveal information under the torture for so long. Seeing Michelle again in her Goldstar costume. The one below too.

Favorite Line: "Uh-uh. Gotham." 

This was the funniest moment for me. Just Booster trying to figure out where he is and realizing he's in Gotham when he's attacked. His total nonchalant attitude to thieves rushing at him with weapons that he doesn't really acknowledge was priceless. It show how experienced he is and how little a threat he views them.

Things I wasn't fond of: Michelle being used as a hostage again. The multiple artists. Not much is explained and the heroes don't do anything really important. At least not positively as our Booster decides to give up Vanishing Point.

To Sum Up: Much to my surprise this wasn't my favorite book of the month. I don't dislike it by any means I just don't think it measured up to the other two. We got a double dose of Booster along with Michelle's first post Flashpoint appearance (sort of) none of them really get time to shine. This is mainly to act as a set up and tease than about the actual characters. It was still nice to see them and hear about others that haven't showed up yet.

Title:  Batwoman

Favorite Scene: Uh...I guess the first two pages with Alice not wanting to kill Kate.

Favorite Line: "I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then." Lewis Carroll

This was just above the Batwoman logo and wasn't part of the actual dialogue which was awful.

Things I wasn't fond of: Everything outside of the concept of a sane Alice/Beth. This was boring, predictable, had horrible characterization, reduces characters to fodder to make Kate insanely powerful all for a device Bruce made to stun her. Sure Alice nets her then kills her but only the sonic weapon gave her the chance.

To Sum Up: There was no point in this because nothing was explained about how Kate became a vampire (the team was formed before that), what she wants, what she's been doing or even why she's still Batwoman. Alice is just sane because the story needs a twist no explanation. 

Questions Raised?: How does any of this work together? I didn't read Futures End or Snyders' Batman tie in although I read some spoilers so this doesn't make sense to me. To be honest I don't get or agree with Snyders' ideal Batman ending of Bruce cloning himself to ensure Batman continues. First of all wasn't the idea of creating clones to serve presented as an evil idea? You know when Talia did it with Damian. Now Bruce is okay with it because he doesn't trust his allies and kids with his legacy? Bullshit. Sorry but is this is he same Bruce that most future stories show decline the pit? Plus this is a timeline we know leads to Terry becoming Batman. Or does he not count because he's not Bruce Wayne? This also makes no sense because the bat family (with the exception of the Batgirls I guess) have little to nothing to do with each other? Unless I'm missing something in FE.

Dick I can kind of understand. He's a spy but I guess he's known since KGBeast knows him by name. Barbara apparently knows he's alive too. Still he's doing other things with no time for the family. Bruce comes off lazy in Kate's book basically just giving Alice a weapon and not getting involved. He had to have known how powerful she was and he still didn't show up? We can only assume most of this since the book tells us nothing in regards to what Kate does. I'm honestly horrified by how the family completely ignores Jason. Hell Bruce could have spent time with him to make sure he didn't make the same mistakes or given him a purpose. Ask him to be Batman since Jason's immortal but no, clearly it's more logically to be obsessed with clones than care about his adopted son he mourned.

I'm not really sure how the new 52 Booster ended up captured and his story with his own family. Honestly...he's not really connected to Futures End. At least not in the way the others are. Sure we see an older Booster--it's just not from the same earth.

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