Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm a little surprised

I've been hearing a lot DC readers doubting Damian is coming back. Personally I'll be shocked if he doesn't. They made an animated movie about him, had a mini series and he's not legally dead in the DCU. Bruce even destroyed his grave and promised to bring him back. No other person has come forward in present day stories that could be Robin instead. Stephanie Brown is back as Spoiler, Harper Row will become Bluebird and Carrie Kelly isn't allowed to be used. Anyone else besides Damian would be last minute and not accepted in the role.


  1. When Damian first showed up I couldn't stand him...but then the little monster grew on me. I'd be just as happy to have him back. I loved him paired up with Dick.

  2. I'm the opposite, I was fine with him until the new 52. I'd rather he stayed dead just for the fact having two resurrected Robins shows there needs to be more originality.