Tuesday, July 31, 2012

6 out of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

6. Booster finally joins the league

Justice League #4 In Boosters' own series he was near desperate to join the league. Sure he was more than a little boastful when Max offered him a spot but once he realizes the team had nothing to do with it? Booster deflates and sadly walks off. As he prepares a statement the Royal Flush Gang attacks. Booster goes after them and single handedly takes down most of the team. Batman takes interest in the battle ordering no one to step in. Once Booster finds out he's being watched he's far more nervous than he was with Superman. But Batman shows that he can judge a hero better than the Man of Steel. Not only does Batman praise Booster but he cracks a smile. This is the start of Batmans' soft spot for Booster and the heart of the team, Blue and Gold.

As Ace takes apart the league Booster joins forces with Ted for the first time. Ted realizes he can add more to the team and Boosters' shy but excited fanboy self gets a chance to shine. This story really is about the underdog who gets to live out his dream and have one of his heroes see him as an equal. (It's not the first time Booster met Batman though.)


  1. Uh? When was the first time that Booster met Batman? Or are you talking about later comics that took place before this event via time travel?

  2. Morgenstern: No. I meant that they met during Booster early cape wearing days. The Teen Titans were missing so a team of heroes were put together to look for them/handle the crisis. I don't think Booster did much but he was on the team with Batman.

    He's on the last page in New Teen Titans #29 then shows up with the group in 30. In 29 he's the only one that answers the question if their all willing to save the Titans or die trying. His response is "of course."

  3. Ah thanks! Never got into Teen Titans and don't know that story at all. Frankly, I don't think I can even remember BG interacting with the Teen Titans ever (in "my" books)

  4. Booster appearances are hard to keep track of. But when in doubt a good place to check is http://boosterrific.com/

    Be warned it's addictive. You may never leave the site.

  5. I've always been rather intrigued by Batman's apparent interest in Booster. You would think he'd be the LAST person that Bats would stick up for. I guess Gothamites just need to stick together.

  6. Sally: So have I. There's something rather touching about Batman seeing something special in Booster.