Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Batman meme

I know I haven't done much Booster stuff recently. I'll make a Booster version of this at some point.

First Batman comic you read?I have no idea. Really, my sister had a LOT of Batman comics that I skimmed through. Many of them were forgettable. I do remember reading her Chuck Dixon Nightwing issues. They were a lot of fun.

Favorite Batman costume?

Most of Batmans' costumes have the same look. Nothing that really stands out for me. With his family I like: Nightwing/modern blue fingerstrips costume, Huntress/current full length costume, Batgirl/Cassandra Cains' because it made her look like a force to be reckoned with, Batwoman (Kate Kane), Red Hood/UTH or RHATO, Tim Drake (his 1st Robin costume), and Robin (Male: Jason Todds' relaunch costume, Female: the Helena Wayne one.)

Favorite actor in a Batman film?

Morgan Freeman. I loved him as Lucious Fox and he's one of the few actors in the live action movies I can't see being replaced. Animated: Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. Their the perfect Joker and Batman.

Least favorite actor in a Batman film?

Either Arnold Schwarzenegger or Uma Thurman. Let's just say it's a tie.

Favorite Batman side kick?

Robin. :P Well Batgirl and the others aren't really sidekicks.

Least favorite Batman side kick?

Damian. I used to like him but I hate him in Batman and Robin. I never saw any of his kids act like that. He needs to be grounded, benched or something for his behavior but he never will be. This is the Robin that has gotten away with murder more than once and Bruce just sort of shrugs it off. This idea that he's the best because of Bruces' genes is equally annoying.

Favorite Batman quote?

Ironically my favorite quote isn't from a bat character but about one. It's fairly recent. I love the hopeful tone and I find it inspiring.

Durca: This was never about making you perfect, Jason. This is not the end of your journey. Rather it is the beginning. One day your heart will shine brighter than the dark fury inside you. And that day will be glorious.

Favorite Robin?

Who's considered a Robin again? I kid. Either Steph or Jason. Tims' next. Then Dick. Carrie. Helena. That Robot Robin in 1 million I bearly read about.

Favorite Batman artist?

Does Kenneth Rocofort count? Really there's too many to name.

Favorite Batman writer?

Scott Snyder at the moment.

Favorite Batman pairing?


Least favorite Batman pairing?

I don't like Dick with Babs or Kori. Before the relaunch DC kept retconning Dick into the guy that used Kori for sex to make Barbara his one and only. More than one writer did this. As a result I don't like Dick with either of them.

I'm also hoping Jason/Talia is retconned because it doesn't do anything positive for either of them. But then again Morrison made Talia a rapist so that's another reason I'd like it to be undone.

Favorite Riddler riddle?

I don't remember any of the good ones off handedly. I do recall seeing a gif from the 60s tv show. It's just so cracky.

Commissioner Gordon: [reads] What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree and is very dangerous?

Robin: A sparrow with a machine gun!

Commissioner Gordon: Yes, of course.

Of Course! Why didn't I think of that?! I mean it's so obvious!

Favorite Batman video game?

I haven't played the Arkham games so the Lego Batman series. I love playing all the extra characters, making my own, going through different places in Gotham and it's just so much fun.

Least favorite Batman video game?

Batman Beyond. Love the show and movie but that video game sucked. The game play was awful and it felt like a chore to play it.

Favorite Batman villain?

I don't really have one. I enjoy the main rogues but none of them really outshines the others. Okay the Joker can but the idea that he's untouchable takes away from that.

Favorite Batman villain pairing?

Uh, I can't really think of any besides Joker/Harley. That's too abusive for me. Umm, Mad Hatter and his hats? That's sort of canon right?

Least favorite Batman villain?

I don't really like the newer gory villains.

Favorite version of The Joker?

The animated version. It's a perfect blend of funny, scary, and makes him a good threat.

Favorite Batman character of all time?

Jason Todd. I really like the idea of an anti-hero Batman that kills when need be. Plus his backstory is tragic and equally touching. There's a sort of holier than thou attitude I always hated about the bat family that makes Jason more likable to me. What he says makes sense. I love his current redemption story and how it goes against the old black and white mindframe of the old DCU.

Least favorite Batman character of all time?

Even though Damian and Barbara are on my current dislike list I'm picking Zsasz. I just don't understand how he can still be alive after all he does. He doesn't have the flash of the other rogues. He's just a serial killer that marks up his body with his kill count. Realistic? Sure but the fact that he's still around annoys me to no end.

Favorite Batmobile?

Either the one from the first movie or the Nolan one. The first looks iconic and classic. The last is practical and sturdy.

Favorite lady in Batman?

This is a hard one. Obviously Steph and Cass are in the running but it's hard to chose between them and Selina. At the moment I'm leaning towards Steph because I miss her positive outlook.

Least favorite lady in Batman?

Right now Barbara Gordon. I loved her as Oracle but I can't stand her now that she's Batgirl again. Not only does the role not fit her anymore she annoys the crap out of me. She's everywhere and there's no escape. No one else can be Batgirl, not even in AUs. While I thought she was written right in RHATO #9 (Owl tie in) her attitude is grating since she's not Oracle anymore. She doesn't have the right to threaten or judge others when her fighting abilities have gone way down. Yet she's still going out. That's something that might endanger innocent lives, something Batman would usually tell his Robins off for. Not Barbara. She just doesn't make sense anymore and I can't understand what's great about her. That's really sad because she used to be amazing.

Favorite gadget in Batman?

The batarang. Simple but iconic.
Favorite Batman film?

I can't chose but it's a tie between: Under the Red Hood, Batman Beyond Return of the Joker and Batman Year One.

Least favorite Batman film?

Batman and Robin. It's the only one I recall laughing at when the creators weren't trying to make a joke. My sister and me cracked up at the long shots of the bat rears.

Favorite actor portraying Batman?

Kevin Conroy. Perfect voice as Batman AND Bruce Wayne. Bale doesn't really get Batman right.

Least favorite actor portraying Batman?

I guess George but to be fair he played it that way because he knew the movie was bad. Likewise Adam West was entertaining.

Favorite Batman moment?

So many but I'll break it down for each character.

Alfred: Telling Superman that he's not alright because his son is dead.

Kate Kane: Explaining to her father why she's becoming Batwoman after being inspired. That she finally found her way to serve. I get chills everytime I read that.

Damian Wayne: The scene where he struggles to act like a normal kid and play followed by the scene where Steph shows him how.

Steph: Her talk with Barbara about it being her time, how happy she was and how it's not over unless you want it to be. Sadly DC did want it to be over.

Cass: Telling Bruce that her loyalty isn't to him but the bat symbol and what it represents.

Tim: Falling out of the window after Ras physcially defeats him but smiling because he just outsmarted him to protect Bruces' legacy.

Jason: RHATO #3 where we see what's important to him with his most cherished memory. This and his choice to give up the memory show a great depth. Jason treasures that time Bruce showed he cared by staying home to take care of him but let's it go to truly move on with his life.

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