Monday, July 9, 2012

Unsolicited thoughts

• Also in this issue: EVERYTHING changes for Guy Gardner!

All I can think of is: Didn't everything change for Guy when he became Gal Gardner?
• Kyle Rayner arrives on Earth to heartbreaking news!
• The debut of the all-new Carol Ferris Star Sapphire!

It's sad that whenever I hear Kyle and bad news I think it's another fridge. In other news Carol gets a costume that looks suspiciously like the black add on design fans made as soon as her other more fleshy costume made an appearance.

Is it just me or is something really off about the cover?

I may not be following but I gotta admit this sounds great. Even if Damian is currently pissing me off and I want someone to smack the smuggness off his face.
Batman #13:

I may not be able to trade wait this one.
"Emperor Peguin." Okay that's cute. I like that these stories will be one shots. I might get a few if they strike my interest.


Huh. Didn't expect that. Guess I should have but I forgot these books are out in October. Depending on what's still canon this might be Damians' second zombie fight.

Batgirl 13/Batgirl Annual:

TWO MORE issues with the Talon Mary?! The only Talon I want to see more of is Xiao Loong and that doesn't seem likely.

Nightwing 13:

...What did they do to Lady Shiva? She has a blade(s?) woven into her hair?
Red Hood and the Outlaws 13:

I honestly don't know what to say. Blackfire was always the oddball of her planet because she was the only one that was fully clothed in battle. That was pretty weird since their people get their power from the sun. While she couldn't fly Komand'r did fire energy. She still wears more than Starfire (well the usual purple armor but this arc has Kori wearing a full length uniform to command her ship.) I'm not sure I get her new look. It's like they want to explain the "Blackfire" part like they did in the cartoon. Her hair looks like it has splashes of red. Maybe it gets so hot it turns to a smoky black? I wonder what happened to their brother Ryand'r.

Someone bad from Jasons' past? Is it too early for the Joker? While I'm interested I was kinda hoping for Roy to get the focus.


  1. I've heard rumors that they are supposed to be doing Guy's Origin story. I really hope they don't mess this up as badly as they did Ice's new origin. Guy has a perfectly FABULOUS origin!

    Yeah...everything is going to change. I've never heard that before. Although a new costume for Carol probably wouldn't be a bad thing.

  2. I knew they were doing an origin story but I thought it was more of a recap. Maybe their just trim it down a little or expand on a detail.