Monday, July 16, 2012

Tired of Creator bashing

I don't agree with a lot of choices made in comics. I quit Marvel over some of theirs. I don't follow the characters from ATS after they left IDW and were given to Darkhorse because I can't stand what's going on in the Buffyverse. I'm not thrilled with a lot of DCs' relauch choices. But I hardly think it's fair to blame the creators for things beyond their control.

I'm at a point where I'm starting to hate Barbara Gordon as Batgirl instead of being indifferent to her. I adored her as Oracle. She was a force to be reckoned with, a leader, mentor, example of strength, she became more than what she was. Gail Simone isn't my favorite writer, she's okay but she never wowed me on BOP. (Not to mention how much I disliked the story where Dinah and Babs ganged up on Helena.) I don't hate her for writing Barbara as Batgirl or the things I hear about that book. Or taking the series when she was previously against Barbara returning to her bat roots. Maybe she doesn't get Cass or Steph. Their not the characters she loves and even if she does want to write them their beyond her control. Even Scott Snyder isn't allowed to use them.

Scott Lobdell was going to start his Teen Titans run where 100 ended. DC said no. He was going to have other versions of the Titans exist, he even had Tim thinking about this. Jason, Roy and Kori talked about the people the last two used to hang out with. But DC said Tims' group is the first offical Titans. Tim was called a Robin in Batman by Snyder, in Teen Titans by Lobdell, and is still referred as Robin in the current Batman and Robin arc written by Tomasi. So no, I don't think Lobdell is doing this especially since previous statements have him talking about Tims' origin where he became the third Robin.

I'm not giddy over these changes but I don't blame these writers for editoral choices. We know that Bryan Q. Miller wanted to use Steph, planned on her being in Smallville before he was overruled. It's a hard blow to us that love the character. Maybe Morrison will use Steph since he already plans to include Cass in Batman Inc. (which I believe he will only be on for 12 issues.) It's not ideal but I try to look at things like this in a positive way. Yes I rant but wishing ill to creators and name calling is counter productive. I recently got a Red Robin trade just for the Steph and Cass cameos. I ended up liking the series. I follow characters I love and if their not in something I don't waste money on it.

The Red Robin thing doesn't bother me too much. Yes it's annoying but I look at it this way. Tims' new reason for having the name is much better than the way he came about it pre-relaunch. It makes sense for the character. Tim was a Batman and Robin fanboy. He wanted to honor Jason and took the "Red" out of respect for him. To me this means that he's still a Robin in all the same respects. I'm sure lots of people called him Robin for short anyway, before Damian came along that is.


  1. I just wish that they would let the writers WRITE, and not have to shoe-horn in the latest cross-over stuff, an re-jiggered origin that tosses out 50 years of continuity. It's getting a little bizarre lately.

  2. It really is. My current theory is that Rip Hunter is waiting for this stuff to go away before he comes back. He's not too fond of Barry Allen right now.