Friday, July 13, 2012

Booster, GL and stuff

Things don't sound that great for Guy and apparently Kyles' dating history isn't as bad as it used to be.

Given Johns saying how Billy used to be this perfect little kid and this being more interesting...I'm a little surprised. Because this isn't usually the attitude writers seem to have towards moody kids. Well there's one exception I can think of anyway.

I think they mean the JLI annual not JL. Yea on being Booster centered but I'm a little nervous on what will happen to the team. Forget Wally West and Ted Kord I want to know where Rip and Michelle are!


  1. I too would like to know where Rip is. They certainly have a crapload of really fantastic characters that are just sitting in limbo right now.


    I'm a little nervous about Guy too. On the other hand, they've been doing some rather nice things with Guy lately, so I guess it was inevitable that he'd be going through the wringer sooner or later. And his new "origin" has me a bit nervous as well.

    They could dump Omac, and Godiva, and some of the others, but keep Booster, Guy, Ice and Fire!

  2. Given how screwed up things seem to be behind the scenes it might be best if we don't have them for awhile. *sigh*

    I agree with most of that but keep Godiva. I like her and her relationship with Booster.

  3. Ok, that's fair. I'm actually liking Godiva more than I thought I would. I really don't give a flying fig for Vixen, who has only shown up a few times and said two words through the entire run, but dang it, I miss Fire and Ice!

  4. I'm still bummed that we never got a triple date with Guy/Tora, Bea/Gavril and Booster/Dora.

  5. That would indeed have been lovely.

  6. Bea never even knew Gavril liked her in this verse. :(