Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another Bat family Controversy and other shockers

Although this one deals with a male Robin.

Apparently Tim Drake was always been Red Robin, not Robin. From the sound of it DC might be pushing for this since Lobdell doesn't seem sure about this. Just look at the wording.

Lobdell on Teen Titans #0: "Teen Titans #0 is almost exclusively about Tim Drake. We keep most of the origin in tact," he says, though stating that as far as he can tell Tim Drake went straight to being Red Robin and had no official time as Robin, "in that he was one of the few people to get really close to tracking down who Bruce is. It'll feel like The New 52. It'll be a new, updated version of the origin. I'm really excited about it. No less a person than Scott Snyder said it was awesome."

It doesn't sound like much of a change, Tim still works more on his own than with Batman. He just added the Red to his title. This also makes more sense than how he came about the name Pre-Relaunch. The Tim and Jason 0 issues sound amazing. Yes, Snyder did say it was awesome in another panel.

I'm really shocked by the change to Blackfire and interested in seeing how he could pull it off.

I really thought RHATO was going to have all the gang fighting against the Joker but it makes sense that they wouldn't.

Okay I laughed when a fan wanted infor on Kyles' book, the writer pointed out this wasn't the GL panel and the fan said "but you write it!" Thus the YJ panel endied with talk of GL.


  1. If Tim was never Robin, then why is Damian going to be trying to beat him up?

  2. Well he's still a Robin in name. And unless they undo Jack Drakes' murder he's not only a former sidekick by Damians' older brother too.