Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

5. Broderick makes his move

In my opinion this is the best issue out of the first BG series. It opens up with Booster trying to work off two extra pounds to keep up his image. Details like that is what I love about this series, there was a reason for normal humans to be able to do heroics. They worked for it. But there's two reasons why this is such a great issue. First is Broderick. The man hates Booster so much he followed him in the past to kill him. Broderick gives us a better idea how different the past is from their time and how disgusted he is in the present. Something that's a nice nod as Booster repeatedly says throughout the series how much he belongs in the past.

Broderick is a great bad guy that represents all of Boosters' past sins. He won't let them be forgotten even if the evidence proves letting Booster best for everyone. In his eyes Booster was a hero as a football player and became the worst sort of person by throwing it all away.

This story also highlights how resourceful and heroic Booster can be. Armed with just his flight ring he impresses Broderick and saves the day. In the end he leaves his fate in Brodericks' hands. A great story about obsession that makes me wish we'd see more of Broderick. No, I won't stop mentioning him.


  1. I am sure that Broderick is on the short list for "villians" (after all, he never was really evil) for the TV Show.

  2. He didn't turn out evil but he was after Booster until his last appearance. We'll see, I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

  3. Considering how many other characters from his first series are already confirmed I would be surprissed if they would miss out on him. There are not that many (noteworthy) Villians in Booster's rogue gallery.

  4. True. I don't really keep track of tv show info because I rarely get time to see any of it. I might have to track this stuff down at a later point. Thanks! :D