Wednesday, July 11, 2012

JLI #11 & Worlds' Finest #3

I got these comics yesterday, according to the shipping papers that means it took four days to ship. That's not too bad but I might wait before I do more pre-orders because I love getting my comics the day their released. At least if their my favorites.

JLI #11:

While I enjoyed this more than the last few issues it read a little stiff. OMAC just doesn't feel right for this team and I would like to see more bonding with the other members. Guy was in the spotlight for most of this. He was great but that's no surprise. Sadly I saw the twist with the twins coming. I don't think the big bad is dead either.

This was otherwise pretty fun. The bond of respect and trust seems to be growing between Guy and Booster. Guy offers to talk OMAC down (only fitting since he riled him up) but Booster decides it's his job. I did smirk at Guy thinking it was a gamble for Booster to turn off his forcefield because, well Boosters' origin. It's such a risk that fits painfully well for Booster. Who he was and who he has become as a hero. He FINALLY kisses Godiva (in front of the rest of the team no less) and I'm glad to see that plot point was used.

And to the people online complaining that Ted is his one and only? Uh, sorry but no matter how much subtext they never dated. We don't even know if they met in this canon. (Things like this make me remember why I stopped looking into the fandom.) But anyway we'll likely get a hint at how Booster sees the Blue Beetle in this months' BB #11. Hopefully he'll be written well. I haven't been impressed with this version of Jaime Reyes. After that it's just Batwing #12 and the JLI Annual to go for this group.

Worlds' Finest #3:

This one was a little stiff too. I wasn't too impressed with it. More of a meh issue. Oh, and it has a few offensive things in it as well. Helena does that "girl you have to lose weight" cliche with Kara. I don't know about the rest of you but I'd never say something that rude to a friend even when their out of it. Plus it seems to miss the point of a female lead book. Sure this series will draw men to it but women will pick it up. Lines like that will affect the young girls reading this and start all that body image crap. No I'm not going to do a big rant about that but it's food for thought.

The next thing that's unsettling is the idea of Kara using her body to get what she wants. I read Red Hood and the Outlaws and the Starfire thing everyone is upset about? Well most of that is BS that I won't get into. But if you actually read RHATO you know that Kori doesn't really sleep around as much people say. It's implied that Kara does, now that in it's self doesn't matter to me. If a woman wants to have lots of sex fine, men do it all the time without being labeled. That's not the problem. The problem is that she seems to use sex as a way to get what she wants from men like Michael Holt. I think their trying to set up this idea that science on their Earth is different but it really doesn't reflect well on Kara. She keeps saying she needs to find a genius when just before the relaunch she WAS one!

The third thing is something that I've seen spreading throughout the batbooks in recent years. This idea that being a Wayne from birth makes you better than the adopted kids. Helena shows Kara that there's a Robin (not shown which but it's either Dick or Jason) which starts a weird exchange. Kara says she thought you had to be a Robin from birth and Helena says her father would never settle for less. This could mean training but it still has a odd vibe to it. Especially since later Kara voices concern over something that's been bothering me, how Helena keeps getting close to the radioactive material. Helena says not to worry about her, dad said they had a high tolerance to poisons and such. Yeah, that had me groaning. I guess her and Damian aren't that different.

Questions Raised?: If Helena and Kara are miffed that Bruce adopted his Robin(s) then how did Helena become one? Before the relaunch Dick was still a Robin on Earth 2. The name Robin came about because it was a nickname Mary Grayson gave Dick. Apparently he was born on the first day of spring.


  1. I still like the Maguire parts of Worlds Finest the best.

    Guy WAS quite wonderful, and he and Booster do seem to be getting along a whole lot better. I agree that Omac is not the greatest character in the world. Dammit, I miss Gavril!

  2. I do prefer Maguires' art.

    The Guy and Booster bits are always a highlight for JLI. So do I. There was a plot point with the ray that blinded Gavril. Are they dropping that?