Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Showcase: Rip Hunter Time Master Vol. 1

Today I got a surprise as I picked up this weeks books (plus Batman and Robin #11 despite how I feel about it I felt I should read the whole thing) and found a real jem. I don't remember hearing about this series being reprinted. Natually I couldn't pass up the chance to read more of Rip Hunter. Although I have read a few of these through reprints and such. This is only issue 1 though 15 where the team wore their causal wear. The last half was better known for the green and read uniforms.

I enjoy what I've read. There's silliness, one plotline is repeated twice in this volume but it's fun. Not quite what I first expected when I heard of Time Masters but in a way it's quite charming. My only regret is that the letter pages aren't here. Apparently fans would write in with questions about history that the crew would answer.

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