Monday, July 2, 2012

Death OF the Family?

Scott Snyder talks about his next storyline. So the question is how this ties in to other ideas Snyder has.

The title it's self is interesting as it's a nod to the infamous Death in the Family but Death of the Family implies something breaks the bat family up. Snyder himself has said how he's interested in exploring the idea set up in many Elseworld stories where Bruce and Dick have a falling out. In Black Mirror he even gave a nod to DITF by having the crowbar used to beat Jason Todd return. What happened to the weapon hasn't been shown on panel and Snyder said that just because Dick said to throw it in the river doesn't mean it's gone.

I can't recall anyone trying to split this group apart before and it's a interesting way to hurt Batman. Joker would know that's his sore spot. I'd certainty love to read a story about the Bat Clan getting together (i.e. interacting not just tie ins.)  It's especially emotional for Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd. Snyder has expressed a desire to write the latter. But I wasn't fond of his Joker in Black Mirror and it's been said that after Night of the Owls not many bat members would show up.

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