Tuesday, July 31, 2012

8 of Top 10 Booster Gold Stories

8. Booster Gold- Not James Bond but still a spy

Justice League International #17-18 Vol. 1. Batman chooses a team to go undercover with him in Bialya. His choices are interesting to say the least. Fire, who actually was a spy, Blue Beetle, who works much like Batman and finally Booster. He seems like an odd choice and he is the most well advertised hero in the group (although he wears a disguise on the mission.) Booster is still the rookie but Batman has faith in him and wants him over Captain Atom. Batman tells this to Fire as well when she worries and even says he needs the others help at one point. It's a fun arc.

The humor runs high with Booster and Ted but that's not why I like this story. It will seriously affect both men later on but there's something about Booster that really shines. His ploy for escape even catches Ted offguard. I'm told by a Legion fan that not many members are able to mentally "pull" the ring forward, that it takes a great amount of willpower. Yet Booster does it and frees them by knocking the guard out. Since the ring is from a time after Boosters' own one would have to assume he figured that out by toying around with it. He knew he could do it before he tried it. This shows that he can think on his feet and is one of the many times people underestimate him. Yeah, Batman knew what he was doing by choosing Booster.


  1. Good choice. This was one of my favorite story arcs. Yes there was humor. Yes Ted and Booster acted like idiots some of the time, not to mention Bea was all OVER Batman...but it was actually pretty serious. Queen Bea was no pushover!

  2. I wish there was more spy like stories that were that fun. My favorite bit was the part Batman makes himself looks like Max while the other three are running around in their underwear. Crazy and funny at once. Batman even jokes!