Monday, July 30, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Booster Gold stories

#10 Booster meets his Idol Booster Gold # 6-7 Vol. 1

I'll be honest, this isn't one of my Booster stories but it's on the list because it's very important to the character. This is the first time Booster met the Man of Steel, someone Booster has wanted to meet ever since he was a kid. One wouldn't think he'd be a fan at first glance but there's a sense that he wants approval from his hero. It doesn't go as he hoped. It might have rubbed Superman the wrong way since Booster challenged him publically to get his attention.

The story isn't what you'd expect on a lot of levels. Instead of building Booster up by proving Superman wrong it turns out Supermans' experience has him in the right. (Although Superman quickly changes sides of the debate years later when Booster has come to his way of thinking.) But Booster isn't the only one that's shown as petty as Superman hates the praise Booster still gets from the public and Lois. It's a set up that will last for years to come with the two of them having a tension that slowly turns into respect.


  1. Is this the one where Superman tells Booster he can't handle a cape?

  2. Superman never told Booster he can't handle the cape on panel. Geoff Johns wrote that BG BG (4?) vol 2. In the first BG series Booster decides to rid himself of it since it was never an important part of his costume.

  3. Aha! I really should break down and find this then.

  4. I think I'm still missing a issue. The second part of the Rainbow Rider arc. Much as I love the series I can't take RR seriously.