Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Not much Booster but lots of Bats

I feel annoyed that once again we'll be saying goodbye to another Booster title. At present Booster and the bat titles are the main hook for me at DC. I'll try out new titles and a few character related books but I love those two the best. I'm looking forward to zero month or as I call it "Robin month." Five different Robin origin tales. I never read this run on Nightwing and we'll finally see what his Robin relaunch costume looks like. I might get into another Bat family crossover with DOTF (although I know I won't get Batgirl for sure.) I'm not really into horror but hey it starts at Halloween.

As for Booster, I think I'll do a top ten Booster Gold list of my favorite stories.


  1. It's just not RIGHT to have DC be Boosterless! Heck, I'm still upset about being Rip-less! On the bonus side, apparently, Syfy is still trying to get that Booster Gold television show going, which is a very good thing.

    I still like the JLI better than the current JLA.

  2. It's not right! Yeah but I'll likely being working when it's on. #sigh.

    I don't read it but I've seen scans. Do they always fight like kids? I think the old JLI was more mature than the stuff I've seen. Lots more entertaining too.

  3. The older I get, the more I enjoy the old JLI. Yes, it was cheesy, and they were frequently pretty silly, but dang it, they actually fought some pretty serious threats! I really miss J'onn too.

  4. I miss the group of misfits vibe. That J'onn actually knew/cared about his team.